Message from the Dean

Welcome and thank you for visiting the website of Faculty of Animal Science, Veterinary Science and Fisheries (FAVF) at the Agriculture and Forestry University.

The Faculty was established in 2012 by the University's first senate meeting. Before establishment of this Faculty in Rampur, Nepal Veterinary graduate program was run by the Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science. Just after its establishment, the first management team of the university has put in tireless effort to lay a strong foundation for the faculty. With utmost respect to the prior effort, it is our duty to continue building on this base, with an aim to make this faculty on par with Asian standard.

Me and my team is committed to bring a change for overall economic change of the country through livestock, veterinary and fisheries education, research and extension. Our first and foremost commitment is to increase research and scholarship by expanding laboratories, equipment and technical support infrastructure. We are dedicated to expand training opportunities for veterinary and fisheries student through formal collaboration with private and corporate practices, large scale farming operation, research institute, production farm of ministry of livestock development and other veterinary colleges. In addition, we are committed to promote availability of veterinary services in rural and underserved communities, through mutual collaboration with communities.

World organization for animal health (OIE) has shown the importance of one health. The one health movement is a world wide strategy for expanding interdisciplinary collaboration and communication in all aspect of health care for human, animals and environment. We will move forward with these principles as our guidelines while amending the curriculum.

I would also like to take this opportunity to reiterate that the alumni are our strength. With support from alumni, we have established a Fund called Kobayashi Memorial Foundation to support faculty and student in research as well as veterinary teaching hospital. Let us join hand for better service of veterinary teaching hospital and continue to work on strengthening the relationship between the faulty and its alumni.

Recently established ministry of livestock development has adopted four pillars policy namely breeding, management, health and marketing. The graduates from this faculty should have the skills and expertise necessary to fulfill this mandate. With this ambitious task at hand, we will not be working in isolation. The goal can be achieved only with holistic approach. We stand committed to working in different areas to improve the health of animal and people, and to contributing to the overall economic development.

To stay a head of the curve in new advances in Animal and Veterinary Science and Aquaculture education, we strive to have more research intensive faculty who address the problems that directly affect our country’s economy, in the best-land grant tradition. Thus, lets support internal best management, transparent administration and lets work together with the community. Let us change our self to bring a positive change in the University.